Cradley, Mathon and Storridge Art Group

2022 exhibition,  Exhibitions from 2003 to 2021


The Cradley, Mathon and Storridge Art Group (CMSAG) held its 21st Anniversary Exhibition at Mathon Village Hall on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd October 2023.

The Exhibition coincided with some bad flooding in the surrounding area, so it was a pleasant surprise to see so many visitors. Both local people, friends and and visitors to the area shared our Exhibition and we were pleased to welcome previous members who had stopped coming after lockdown.

There were just over sixty pictures from thirteen artists, some for sale, but quite a few that were too treasured to sell. There was also a good selection of cards and calendars. We exhibited a child’s picture, by 4 year old Finn Craig, Margaret Cross’s grandson, to show the joyful freedom with which young children paint.

There were about seventy visitors who braved the elements to enjoy a good show and home-made cakes. There were many complimentary comments on the standard and variety of our work and votes for the best picture were widespread. The two most popular were first, Carole MacIntyre’s Malham Cove (a calendar picture) and second, Sarah Williams’s Summer Fields.

We have had two tuition days this year, so far, a guided watercolour with Jonathan Taylor and an abstract multi-picture with Ivan Jones. The latter really took us out of our comfort zone and we spent the day swishing and splattering paint and ink over a gridded canvas. Sarah displayed her work as a whole and others mounted their pictures separately. Mary made one of hers into cards and these have sold better than she thought!

As the Chairman, I am concerned that lockdown and the closure of the Malvern Hills College has resulted in nearly four years of newly retired people missing out on the opportunity to take up tuition in painting. As an art group, we are very happy to help and support those people wanting to give painting and drawing a go but don’t know quite where to turn. We can give help and encouragement and can also direct them to the best route to learning, both online and with local tutors.

If you would like to join us, at any level of experience or ability, you will be made very welcome. Come along to a session at Storridge Village Hall on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month from 2 – 4 pm.

Margaret Cross

01 Margaret Cross-A Gentle Amble on the Malvern Hills-Acrylic

02 Margaret Cross-Crookham Farm-Acrylic

03 Margaret Cross-The Remarkables, New Zealand-Acrylic

04 Margaret Cross-Polperro Harbour-Acrylic

05 Margaret Cross-Wine o'Clock-Acrylic

06 Bill Crouch-A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread

07 Bill Crouch-A Winter Walk 1-Pastel

08 Bill Crouch-A Winter Walk 2-Pastel

09 Bill Crouch-Onward and Upward-Pastel

10 Bill Crouch-Still Life 1-Watercolour

11 Bill Crouch-Still Life 2-Acrylic

12 Margaret Crouch-Venice View-Watercolour

13 Margaret Crouch-Colwall Church-Watercolour

14 Margaret Crouch-Loweswater-Watercolour

15 Barbara Hilton-Vacant Possession-Watercolour

16 Barbara Hilton-A Beach on Skye-Watercolour

17 Barbara Hilton-Cattle Grazing in the Morning Light-Watercolour

18 Barbara Hilton-Gorran Haven-Watercolour

19 Barbara Hilton-A Distant View of the malverns-Watercolour

20 Jan Lober-Romney Marsh-Oil

21 Jan Lober-Lake Wakatipu-Oil

22 Carole MacIntyre-Malham Cove-Oil on Canvas

23 Carole MacIntyre-Staithes, Yorkshire-Oil on Board

24 Carole MacIntyre-Castlemorton Common-Oil on Board

25 Doreen McKerracher-Street Scene-Watercolour

25A Doreen McKerracher-Barge Sailing-Watercolour

26 Julia Moore-Dunwich Bay-Watercolour

27 Julia Moore-Serenity-Watercolour

28 Julia Moore-Freedom-Watercolour

29 Julia Moore-Diamonds-Watercolour

30 Julia Moore-Sailing-Watercolour

31 Julia Moore-Off Sailing-Watercolour

32 David Partington-Striding Edge, Lake District-Watercolour

33 David Partington-Reflections-Watercolour

34 David Partington-BroadwayTower-Watercolour

34A David  Partington-The Dolomites- Watercolour

35 Diane Poole-Yorkshire Moors-Mixed Media

36 Diane Poole-City Song-Watercolour

37 Diane Poole-Hugo-Mixed Media

38 Diane Poole-Hogweed-Watercolour

39 Diane Poole-Prawle Point-Mixed Media

40 Diane Poole-Campsite-Mixed Media

41 Diane Poole-Dog in Basket- Mixed Media

42 Mary Vivian-Bluebell Wood-Watercolour

43 Mary Vivian-Storm Brewing-Watercolour

44 Mary Vivian-Siesta Time-Watercolour

45 Mary Vivian-Motherly Love-Watercolour

46 Mary Vivian-The Iconic Tree- Watercolour

47 Mary Vivian- Mont Blanc from Chamonix-Watercolour

48 Mary-Vivian- Moon at Bruges-Watercolour

49 Sarah Williams-Summer Fields, Alfrick-Acrylic

50 Sarah Williams-Winter Sunset, Old Hollow-Oil and Acrylic

51 Sarah Williams-Summer Shadows, Alfrick-Oil and Acrylic

52 Sarah Williams-Spring Snow-towards Malvern Hills-Mixed Media

53 Sarah Williams-Frosty Fields-towards Malvern Hills-Mixed Media

54 Finn Craig-Lake Wakatipu-Acrylic

55 Tom Van Vuren-Malvern Hills (Autumn)-Watercolour+Pen

56 TomVan Vuren Mondrian Malvern-Acrylic

57 Tom Van Vuren-Malvern Hills (Summer)-Watercolour+Pen

58 TomVan Vuren-Brown Dog-Soft Pastels

59 Tom Van Vuren-Dottie, my Dachshund-Soft Pastels

60 Tom Van Vuren-Malvern Hills from the Priory-Acrylic

Abstract Acrylic Tuition Day Barbara Hilton

Acrylic Abstract Tuition Day Diane Poole-Mixed Media

Acrylic Abstract Tuition Day Sarah Williams

Watercolour Tutorial Barbara Hilton

Watercolour Tutorial Bill Crouch

Watercolour Tutorial Margaret Cross

Watercolour Tutorial Margaret Crouch