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St Francis window in Cradley Church

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Cradley Parish Council for the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

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Fungi hunt in Cradley Churchyard

Following the success of the ‘Learn to identify fungi’ session in October 2019 (see link), held by Caring for God’s Acre, Cradley PCC is holding a repeat session to see if anything has changed. We are looking for an expert to lead the session or just people to help find and identify specimens. Please let me know if you would like to come; more detail will be made available on this notice-board at as the story unfolds.

The session is planned for Wednesday 2nd November from 2 to 4pm. Meet in the back of church; please bring paper, pen and camera; for COVID reasons we will split into small groups for the hunt. Hot tea and biscuits afterwards! Donations to the Cradley Churchyard fund would be welcome...

Tony Copp, as Chair Cradley PCC Churchyard Committee, 07976 969537,

The mushrooms are coming...

Having a party? Why not hire the Cradley Village Sumo Wrestling Suits? Two adult and two child suits available. Special rates for residents! Contact Ian Bailey on 01886 884682 or Jan Dampney on 01886 880316.

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