Volume 1 – BIM: A Primer

Provides high-level concise and digestible background to Building Information Models and processes (modelling) in non-technical terms.

  • What is BIM
  • Why use BIM
  • Who benefits from BIM
  • Where is BIM being used
  • How to engage in BIM projects
  • What is next for BIM
  • This section will clear up misconceptions and supply you with a collection of supporting terminology
  • Provides suggested first steps by helping you identify current capabilities, future goals.

Volume 2 – BIM: Company Context

How to Implement BIM in your firm (provides insight on maximizing the benefits, minimizing the pain when integrating BIM into your firms operations)

  • From current practices to integral BIM processes
  • Setting vision & objectives, making a strategic plan
  • Engaging the employees
  • Planning for technology, people (skills)
  • Operational transitions
  • Overview of common BIM processes (uses)
  • Managing the information
  • Common challenges
  • Training and Support
  • Mentoring
  • Who - special role hires (technical or management)
  • Company BIM champions, gurus, or consultants (outsiders)
  • Contingency plans

Volume 3 – BIM: Project Context

  • Preparing for and participating in a BIM Project
  • From current practices to integral BIM processes
  • Project objectives and team capabilities
  • Prioritizing
  • Team roles and responsibilities
  • Illustrative workflows
  • Sharing mechanisms
  • Assembling the plan
  • Project execution
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