Canadian Practice Manual for BIM

What is the canadian practice manual for bim?

It is a practical Canadian BIM resource created by experts from across Canada.

It is aligned with international standards and practices and was developed as part of the Institute for BIM in Canada and buildingSMART Canada's initiatives to support broad adoption of BIM in Canada as outlined in the Roadmap to Lifecycle BIM in the Canadian AECOO Community.

It provides a general background of the various uses and benefits of BIM, a detailed explanation about how to implement BIM within an organization, and an explanation on preparing for and participating in collaborative BIM Projects.

Who is c-PMB for?

The Canadian Practice Manual for BIM is meant to engage and support all stakeholders in the sectors using, designing, owning or building our built environment. Thus it applies to the entire AECOO (Architects, Engineers, Contractor, Owners and Operators) spectrum as well as all those in the supply chain and in regulatory roles for the construction sector.

It is a particularly relevant resource for BIM Managers, BIM Coordinators, and Professionals who create or consume information during the design, construction or operational phases of a capital project.

The practice manual is meant for use at both an office level and the project level.

Educational copies are available for instructors sold in bulk and a student version, both are monochromatic print.

Why do you need it?

  • To give you the knowledge and planning tools to ensure you have successful BIM-enabled project
  • To aid in establishing and maintaining (multi-firm) project team collaborations
  • To help turn company and project BIM processes into practice (with tools and advice from Canadian experts)

The Canadian Practice Manual for BIM complements existing resources for BIM in Canada, namely:

IBC BIM Contract Appendix

IBC BIM Project Execution Plan Toolkits

BIM in Canada: Best Practice Forum