Planning for your child's future is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make. Whether you choose to parent or make an adoption plan, you will want to make an informed decision.

8 MYTHS about Adoption: Recognizing adoption myths and replacing them with correct information will help you to determine what is best for you and your child.

MYTH 1: If I loved my child, I would never consider adoption.

If you're considering adoption, you may think it means you are uncaring, selfish, or don't love your child. You may be afraid that other people will judge you. Mothers who explore all of their options and those who make adoption plans have the courage to put their child's needs first and to consider what plan best meets their needs.

MYTH 2: People will think that I'm not taking responsibility for my actions.

You may think that choosing to parent is the responsible thing to do or the consequence for your unplanned pregnancy. If you're not sure that you are ready to parent, finding out what your options are and considering an adoption plan IS being a responsible parent.

MYTH 3: People think I should just move on and forget about my child.

If you make an adoption plan, you will not forget your child and you wouldn't want to. Your experience with your child becomes a part of who you are, whether you have an open adoption or not.

MYTH 4: I'll never get over the pain of giving up my child.

You may be frightened by the prospect of the intense sadness that comes wit placing a child for adoption. The grief and loss cannot be denied. The reality is that adoption is full of both loss and possibility. You will never forget your child but, with time and knowing that your child is growing and thriving, your heart will heal.