The Following Are Some Of The “Dirty Word” For Liberal Peaceniks, Weapons, Which Were Not Allowed On My Print Book Cover. The Hardware Is The Real “Star” Of The Counterstrike Story.


^^^Hand-And-A-Half Scottish Lowlander Longsword Used In Gareth's “Fencing” Sequence At Eilean Donan, Complete With A Rigid Spine Tempered Into The Blade For Added Weight And Strength.


^^^The Long Fabled Two-Hand Scottish Claymore Sword Of Legend, Also Built Under The Name Zweihander In Germany. Never Used In Counterstrike, But Discussed In Gareth And Kate's Long Winded Banter About Scottish Heritage.

colt m-1911 .45 acp

<<<Gareth's Firearm Of Choice, (Though He Typically Carries Several) The Government Model 1911 Colt .45 Auto Pistol, Now Boasting Over 100 Years Of Proud History With America's Military And Police Forces.

Beretta M-9 9mm, Carried By Gareth, In His Posterior, Or “Butt” Holster, His “Second” Firearm Of Choice.>>>

beretta m-9 9mm
smith & wesson m-686 .357 magnum

<<<Smith & Wesson Model 686 .357 Magnum, Sometimes Carried In A Shoulder Holster, When Gareth Isn't Required To Dress “Formally” For Business Or “High Society” Functions. His “Third” Firearm Of Choice.

Kel-Tec PF-9 Compact 9mm, Gareth Takes One Of These On Both Ankle Holsters, A Sleek And Still Ruggedly Built Concealed Carry, Being His “Fourth And Fifth” Firearms Of Choice.>>>

kel-tec pf-9 compact 9mm
remington m-700 .308

^^^Remington Model 700 .308 Sniper Rifle, Used In Gareth's Tense And Dicey Sniper Duel In The Appalachian Mountains.

bushmaster ar-15 .223 with night scope

^^^Bushmaster AR-15 .223 Semi-Auto (That's Single Fire With Soft Trigger Pull For The Gun Illiterate) “Target Rifle” Outfitted With A (Everything Lights Up In Green In Darkness) Night Scope. Sadly, As Well Thought As It Was, Never Leaves The Trunk Of Gareth's Car.

beretta 92-fs vertec inox 9mm

<<<Beretta 92-FS Vertec Inox 9mm, Gareth's Most Beloved “Gift” To Kate, A Slightly Reduced Size Beretta, Retrofitted With A Thicker Grip And Built On A Slightly Heavier Frame Than The Standard Beretta, Thus Giving It A More Solid “.45 Like” Feel Without The Mean Kick Of The Larger Round.

Walther PPX 9mm With Attached Suppressor. Used By Gareth's “Career Dad”, FBI-CIA Senior Liaison To The President, Raymond Carlisle, To Extinguish The Life Of One Fascistic Ugly Son-Of-A-Buck, Klaus Vogle. A Modern Day, More “American” Bigger Package Answer To The Walther PPK Of 1960's 007 James Bond Legend.>>>

walther ppx 9mm with suppressor
walther ppk compact 9mm with suppressor

<<<Walther PPK Compact 9mm With Attached Suppressor. This IS The Old Gun Of James Bondian Legend. Lightweight And Deadly Accurate. Never Used In Counterstrike, But Glibly Talked About In Passing.

Short Barreled Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum Carried By Gareth's Most Trusted Friend At Section Six And Prayer Partner, Al Zagoran. Definitely A Gun That Has Both Modern Day Street Cred And Would Just As Easily Be At Home In Old West America.>>>

ruger redhawk .44 magnum
colt m-1903 .32 acp

<<<Colt Model 1903 .32 ACP, The Smaller Caliber, Smaller Size Precursor To The Colt Model 1911 .45 ACP, Carried By A Slimy Weaselly Scottish Hacker, Used To Murder His “Old Biddy Busy Body, Can't Mind Her Own Bleeding Business” Grandma Aged Landlord, When Confronted About Not Being Able To Come Up With Rent.

mossberg m-590-a1 12 gauge

^^^Mossberg Model 590-A1 12 Gauge Shotgun Used By A Vogel Hit Squad To Make “Bloody Mincemeat” Of Al Zagoran's Shoulder. God Furiously Frowns Upon The Actions Of Those Triggermen, For Striking One Of His Finest Angels…..

baseball bat

^^^Common Wood Baseball Bat, Used By Al Zagoran To “Attack” Gareth In His Martial Arts Training Video.

Dual Japanese Ninja Combat Daggers Known As Sais, Used By Gareth In His Martial Arts Training Video To Perfect His Wrist Blocking Technique, Whereby He Points The Weapons Downwards And Locks Them To His Wrists To Intercept Incoming Attacks From Enemy Melee Weapons.>>>

dual sais
dual tonfa

<<<Dual Japanese Karate Dueling Clubs Known As Tonfa, Used By Gareth In His Martial Arts Training Video To Perfect His Wrist Blocking Technique, Whereby He Points The Weapons Downwards And Locks Them To His Wrists To Intercept Incoming Attacks From Enemy Melee Weapons.

The Legendary United States Marine Corps Carried KA-BAR Combat Knife, Taken As A Pair By Gareth To The Plockton Docks, Where He Is Quickly Forced To Employ Them Along With His Wrist Blocking Technique, Shown In His Martial Arts Video.>>>

usmc ka-bar combat knife
fishermans folding knife

<<<Common Fisherman's Folding Knife Carried By Scottish Thugs At Plockton Docks.


^^^Japanese Karate Dueling Staff Known As Bo, Used By Sarah Jane Bremer To “Attack” Gareth In His Martial Arts Training Video.


<<<Two Foot Length Of Carbon Steel Rebar, Commonly Used For Reinforcement Of Modern Day Concrete Structures, Wielded By Scottish Thugs At Plockton Docks, Left Nasty Bruises On Gareth's Wrists Where He Was Unable To Fully Block With His KA-BAR Knives.

Common Fisherman's Gaff Hook, It's Intended Use Being To Wrestle Large Sport Fish Such As Tuna And Marlin Onto Boats, But Instead By An Overaggressive And Underintelligent Scottish Thug At Eilean Donan Castle, In A Hasty And Poorly Thought Attempt To Eviscerate Gareth. Instead, The Poor Fool Is The One Eviscerated When Gareth Parries The Attack With His Lowlander Longsword (Seen Earlier In This Section) And The Man's Own Weapon Ends Up Being Used To Pull Him Onto The End Of Sir Agent Gareth's Faithful Blade.>>>


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