Scottish Tour

Welcome To Scotland, Or Travis' Take On Scotland, The Land Of My Ancestors On Both Sides, With Some Reference To Things In Counterstrike.


<<<Please Do As The Sign Says And Keep Calm During My “Whirlwind” Tour, Or Don't If You're A Real Scot, LOL :-)

Or Don't If You're A Real Scot, LOL :-)>>>


<<<Bad Tartan Kilt Toilet Humor, Can't Be Worse Than A Rural American Outhouse, Though.


<<<Exhibits A and B, Castle Kilchurn, Under Fog And Sunlight.>>>


<<<Exhibits C and D, Eilean Donan, Featured In Gareth's “Fencing” Sequence.>>>


<<<Exhibits E and F, Ketch Sailboats, Featured In Gareth And Kate's San Francisco Reunion.>>>


Exhibit G, A Real Chainmail Clad, Flail Packing Scottish Knight, All Hail Clan Smyth, Now And Forever! (Or Insert Clan Scott, Graham, Campbell, MacGregor, MacInytre, MacLean, MacKinnon, MacDonald, MacFadzean, Or Whatever Suits You).>>>


<<<Exhibit H, Highlander Warrior Woman, Somewhat Resembles Mother Janet Back In Her College Days, Both In Physical Form And Spirit.

The “Supposedly” Official Crest Of The Kingdom Of Scotland.>>>


<<<The “Proudly American” Simpson Treatment Of Scotland, There Was Once A President Called Reagan, Who Carried Scottish And Welsh Blood, Who Stood Defiantly Against The Soviet Empire.


^^^Hand-And-A-Half Scottish Lowlander Longsword Used In Gareth's “Fencing” Sequence At Eilean Donan, Complete With A Rigid Spine Tempered Into The Blade For Added Weight And Strength.


^^^The Long Fabled Two-Hand Scottish Claymore Sword Of Legend, Also Built Under The Name Zweihander In Germany. Never Used In Counterstrike, But Discussed In Gareth And Kate's Long Winded Banter About Scottish Heritage.


^^^The Plockton-Kyle area of Northwest Scotland, where the majority of the “Scottish” part of what had been known as Defender: A Scottish American Fairy Tale, now Counterstrike: Heaven Sent, took place. It possesses a grabbing panoramic view that rivals it's sister Celtic Nation across the channel known as Ireland.


^^^The harbor at Plockton, on a nice bright sunny day, with canoes and small fishing boats in view. It should be noted that due to a rare combination of high humidity and temporary warm currents in the North Sea in the spring and summer, that Palm Trees actually grow here, much like the South Coast of Oregon that I'm from.

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