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Co-Author, Mother Janet Smyth, 1950-2014, Dead, Dead, And Deader Than A Broken Fallen-Off Doorknob, Thanks To Ovarian Cancer>>>

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Short Bio of the Editor: Born Eugene, OR, Feb 7, 1980. Parents Jeffrey Salisbury and Janet Smyth (d. 2014) Divorced 1982. Grew up as a poor kid in Coos Bay, OR. Two years community college. Had previous employment as a caretaker for Grandfather Norman and Mother Janet, for 14 years, thought I'd give a stab at copy editing.

The Editor had the honored and cherished privilege of closely assisting the Author, Mother Janet with copy editing for four years before her passing in 2014. The Editor has now had more than plenty of opportunity to become acquainted with the story of Counterstrike: Heaven Sent.

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My Pledge To Fight Ovarian Cancer And Patient Malpractice On Behalf Of Mother Janet:

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This is my personal pledge for 10% of all proceeds from the sale of this book, I pledge 10% to the Janet C. Smyth Foundation Inc, with a twofold mission of funding Ovarian Cancer research (not more useless awareness campaigns), and funding patient malpractice advocacy, so that patient malpractice does not simply continue getting swept under the rug because “it's good for business”. Why do I do this? Because although my late mother and grandfather were somewhat politically aligned in an eww, ick, conservative direction, they were social do gooders at heart, and gave to charity, when they still had free money to do so, of course before (unscrupulous corporate weasels, I grumbled to Brother Connor that this world is built by men who are takers) medical expenses made everyone poor.

Yes, there is something in it for me, the remaining 40-90% royalties on this book, a boy's gotta eat and keep his lights on, but I also believe in helping the poor and disenfranchised, having personally suffered through poverty and homelessness alongside my family. I do not believe in whitewashing a checkered past once I've social climbed my way into the in group the way people in power often do. I do not recall the specific verse, but easier for a heavily packed camel to pass the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. He who dies with the most toys still dies, and is still out of time to play with them.


Select Quotes From Counterstrike:

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Chapter Two: “None of us really choose the situations we find ourselves in, we only choose how we act once we're there.”

Chapter Seven Dash One: “A college is a fine place to hide from the world. There, everything is 'theoretical', nothing is real. Reality becomes soft and fuzzy and far, far away. There are no wars in the Middle East, secretly driven by oil oligarchs. There are no more starving children in Africa. Nobody dies. You don't have to deal with your emotions, you have your intellect to protect you from all that. But take my word for it, your emotions are still lurking somewhere inside you, and they will come back to bite you when you least expect it, or need to deal with it. So you might as well learn to deal with them now.”

Chapter Seven Dash Two: “People are amazingly cliquish and cowardly.”

Chapter Eight: “But I've come to believe she (My Mom and Gareth's Mom) really has gone to a finer place than the rest of us presently inhabit. And I recognize the angry boy I used to be, as a basically selfish lad. Oh I was worried about her, for sure. But it was myself that I was really pining for. I just didn't want to lose her.”

Chapter Eleven: “What's happening is not what I expected to be doing with my life.”

My Tasteless Clinton Joke: “The Clintons are so slimy you don't have to open the door for them they can just ooze right under it!!!”

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