Counterstrike: Heaven Sent

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The Synapses:

One lonely day in Kansas farm country, a college professor enroute to a new job, encounters her biggest “surprise package” ever; a handsome, intelligent, faithful FBI agent, battered and mangled, and his equally battered and mangled government car at the side of the road.

Kate soon finds herself enmeshed with Agent Gareth McFadyn's dark world of spies, terrorists, hackers and corrupt bureaucracies, and her planned road trip and career move ultimately are derailed. However, in the middle of this unforeseen mess and intrigue, Kate and Gareth together discover their similarities, and not their starkly different class backgrounds and upbringings.

Together, the unlikely pair discover a deep and lasting companionship, a binding faith in their God, a passion for fun and adventure, and more importantly than not, a burning will to survive against all odds, when the evil machinations of terrorist leader Klaus Vogle, along with bad office politics, and the unscrupulous scheming of Gareth's industrial tycoon father, Andrew McFadyn.

Thus begins the modern tale of a chivalrous knight and his fair, wise maiden. Follow agent Gareth “Dru” McFadyn and his “random” traveling companion, Kate Greenwood, on their odyssey of love, adventure, faith, morality, and patriotism in Counterstrike: Heaven Sent.

Press Release:


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June 27, 2017 Eugene, OR

Twice bereaved poor small town boy with Asperger's becomes literary hero

Travis L Salisbury, Author of Counterstrike: Heaven Sent, an epic spy thriller/romance novel, has spent the past year, editing and perfecting his late mother, Janet C Smyth's story, in the face of her tragic loss from Ovarian Cancer in December of 2014, fulfilling the promise he made to his mother on her deathbed, to execute her story.

Included with the novel is the Author's biography and documentary chronicling the events surrounding his mother, the original Author's illness and death, and his personal struggles in self-publishing. Author will pledge 10% of all current and future book proceeds to a Cancer and Malpractice charity. For people who love books, or are thinking of writing, the story behind the production of Counterstrike: Heaven Sent should provide a good inspirational and motivational read.

“What's happening is not what I expected to be doing with my life.” - Kate Greenwood, from chapter 11 of Counterstrike: Heaven Sent.

“Move over Bluebloods, 24, Blacklist, and Criminal Minds and make room for Counterstrike! Counterstrike is a well-written and well-researched novel that is very difficult to put into just one genre as it is a mix of genres. I personally found the plot line and the characters to be well developed.” - Sefina Hawke for Readers’ Favorite

“Counterstrike: Heaven Sent by Travis L. Salisbury is an epic novel full of action, romance, thrills and intrigue. It was finished by the original author’s son after his mother, Janet C. Smyth, passed away. Travis completed the novel and published it to honour his mother’s years of writing the story and that is part of what makes it special. I give Travis credit, he finished an amazing novel. It is a tribute to a special lady and a wonderful read for everyone who loves a good fairy tale.” - Lisa Fox, Top Book Reviewers

“Make the most of every day, your meter's always running” - Author Quote at GoodReads Site

Born Eugene, OR, Feb 7, 1980. Parents Jeffrey Salisbury and Janet Smyth (d. 2014) Divorced 1982. Grew up as a poor kid in Coos Bay, OR. Two years community college. Had previous employment as a caretaker for Grandfather Norman and Mother Janet, for 14 years, thought I'd give a stab at copy editing.

The Editor had the honored and cherished privilege of closely assisting the Author, Mother Janet with copy editing for four years before her passing in 2014. The Editor has now had more than plenty of opportunity to become acquainted with the story of Counterstrike: Heaven Sent.

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