Have fun exploring the links below - just click on the images to go to the websites.

Find out about all sorts

Interesting Videos to watch

Water experiments you can do at home.

Baking - learn measurement thats yummy

Creative Art projects

Creative Art ideas

Play dough recipe

Easy to make musical instruments

Jack Hartman Music and Movement

Go Noodle - Fun Movement

Get fit together - do a family workout!

Cool Science Experiments

Dance away the boredom!

Just Dance - Waka waka

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Yoga for children but everyone can join in.

Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland has webcams so you can watch some of the animals. (Remember we are 12 hours ahead)

Brush up on some Te Reo

Learn the alphabet in sign language

Take a virtual tour of the Vatican Museum in Italy.

It has 360 degree views!

One of Mrs UB's favourite artists

Vincent Van Gogh

Take a virtual tour of the Van Gogh Art Museum in The Netherlands.

Take a History Lesson. Explore the British Museum

The Georgia Aquarium in America has some webcams, you can watch some of the sea creatures.

Try these online jigsaw puzzles from Tepapa museum.

Want to have some fun today? Clear some space and turn up the volume, Brett is ready to JUMP JAM with you from his home in Mt Maunganui. He will be adding more tracks to this page. So bookmark it for more workouts and fun with Brett.

Warehouse Stationery want to constantly enable their customers to be inspired! Whether you are an avid crafter and have a room full of essentials, or have never touched a paint brush and would rather finger paint with the kids, we hope to unleash your creativity with our series of how-to videos – covering all things art, craft and more!

Check out the SPCA kids website

There are online puzzles and check out the pages under get involved:

  • Things to do take part in

  • Things to make and do

Like Captain Underpants.

Listen to he read, then watch and learn how to draw like the author Dave Pilkey

Click on the link then scroll to

FOR KIDS: Dav Pilkey At Home

This cool website helps you learn to type on the computer.

Have fun!