Studio Office Project

Fall 2022

We have a 700+ square foot shop area attached to our main building.  We believe that it was where Fluor Bros. Construction would have parked their vehicles as there used to be overhead doors where the windows and ramp are now.  There was also an old overhead washing system and a floor drain to indicate they washed their vehicles in this space.  Since purchasing the building, we have used it as storage.  We decided to divide the space to create a workshop and storage for us with an office in the rest of the area that we could rent.  The insulated raised floor and celing design allowed us to keep the remaining walls in their exposed brick state.  You can also still see the ceiling beam and center posts with FLUOR stamped into them.  Similar stamping is referenced in this information about Casper Fluor's home on Grove Street.  We purchased an old built-in hutch/cabinet from a homeowner in Milwaukee to repurpose as a the kitchenette cabinets.  

We worked with J Karner from Crescent Moon Antiques and Salvage for several components within the new space as we wanted to maintain some of the historic character of the building. Our wood wall cladding, circa 1905 came from their salvage project at the Waite Grass Carpet Co. on Harrison Street.  Together we hand selected a hand hewn barn ridge beam circa 1890s to cap our half wall.  CMAS reclaimed the slate chalkboard from the North Fond du Lac Presentation School circa 1929 which we cut and used for countertop on the kitchenette.  Finally, CMAS provided our salvaged door and frame for the bathroom from 1920's Brodhead, WI farm. 

Exterior of new office space

Before - just a rectangle with one beam in the middle

Windows from inside, you can see the newer framing from where the overhead doors used to be

Starting the floor construction.  Raising the floor allowed us to insulate and run utilities

Floor sheeting installed

Painting wall panels

Bathroom walls constructed, ceiling done.  Kept the ceiling beam and center post beam exposed

FLUOR stamped into center wood beam

Reclaimed wood walls

Half wall with beam

Bathroom door installed, floor done, slate against the wall is for kitchen counter

Wood walls done

Accessible ramp

Standing at the top of the ramp

Writing on the side of the cabint

Bottom of ramp, looking over half wall beam