Floor Project

February 2021

We decided to redo the Douglas fir hardwood floor in our main hall. Walls had been removed by the previous owners, but the floor was just filled in with plywood and it didn’t have any sealer on it so it was very hard to clean. We have to fit messy and loud projects in while considering our office tenants and venue rental calendar.

We have lots of DIY experience, but nothing in hardwood floors so we were apprehensive to tackle it on our own. Using a recommendation from our local River East Neighborhood Association, we called Dwight Mason from Sawdust City Hardwood. He gave us advise and ideas and due to a cancellation, he was able to help us right away. We tried to source some additional wood that we needed, but found out it is a very hard variety to find. J from Crescent Moon Antiques and Salvage got us some similar sized maple flooring which they removed from the Buckstaff Factory. If you didn't hear about that undertaking, read about it here.

Once we got the whole floor back together, it was lightly sanded to maintain its character and sealed.

We learned a lot about hardwood floor during this process. We found out that flooring people are really passionate about restoring old floors. There were several times that I think they were more excited than we were! It looks amazing and will be beautiful for all to enjoy for years to come.