PTO Board Members

Meet your 2018/2019 Board Members

President: Allyson Damikolas

Allyson is excited to reinvigorate the PTO and help Columbus Tustin teachers and parents make the school an awesome place for our kids to thrive. Allyson has three kids--her son is now a sophomore at Foothill High School. He attended the Magnet Program at Columbus Tustin. Her daughter is in 7th grade. Allyson's youngest daughter is in third grade at Guin Foss.

Vice President/Membership: Gina Salzman

Gina is most passionate about reaching out to other parents so they can be part of our great Columbus Tustin Community. She also chairs the Magnet Excellence Committee, which focuses on ways to extend the impact of the Magnet Program for the kids and teachers. Her daughter is the 8th grade and thinks her teachers are the best in the Tustin Unified School District.

Treasurer: Lianne Akiona

Lianne brings extensive expertise to the role of Treasurer. She's reviewing all the budgets to ensure that the PTO can support Columbus Tustin's teachers and students in the most meaningful and cost-effective ways possible. Lianne's daughter is in the 8th grade.

Secretary: Mary Price

Mary keeps track of everything that we discuss at our Board Meetings and makes sure we follow up on our commitments. She also does an amazing job creating the communications that go out to parents from the Magnet Excellence Committee and the PTO. Mary has two kids at Columbus Tustin, in 7th grade and in 6th grade.

Financial Secretary: Marie Christine Eleshio

Marie Christine is diligent about tracking all funds that the PTO raises and spends. She's got experience doing this role for her kids' elementary school PTO (Red Hill), so we are in good hands. Marie Christine has two kids at Columbus Tustin: her daughter is in 6th grade and her son is in 7th grade.

Parliamentarian: Cheryl Cervantes

Cheryl makes sure that we are following our bylaws. Her big focus this year is updating them so they provide the appropriate structure to our Board, and so that our Parent and Teacher members understand the rules that guide us. Cheryl is an interior designer and helped put finishing touches on the newly remodeled Teachers' Lounge. Cheryl's daughter is in the 8th grade.