Our Nature Preserve

Wannamaker Nature Preserve

Wannamaker Nature Preserve is a 529 +/- acre tract in Calhoun County, SC that is owned and managed by the Columbia Audubon Society. The property has many features that attract a wide range of flora and fauna. 

With land ownership, CAS is also responsible for being good stewards of the land. We have a plenty of special and recurring tasks that require volunteer participation from all of our members. If you are interested in volunteering, email us at columbiaaudubonsc@gmail.com

Wannamaker Ground Rules:

This property is maintained for the benefit of wildlife. Respect this place as their home in which you are a visitor. It is not a park. Our objective is to maintain a property for birdwatchers by birdwatchers. Make every effort to minimize your impact on the resident flora and fauna. Harassing, hunting, or injuring animals, even animals considered dangerous, is strictly forbidden.

The CAS Board reserves the right to revoke visitation privileges to any individual or the entire membership for any reason, including disrespect or abuse of this property. Egregious conduct could further result in loss of CAS membership or recourse at the discretion of the CAS Board. The foremost priorities of the CAS Board are to respect the wishes in the original property bequest and maintain the property for the benefit of wildlife.

Revised January 10, 2023