All you have to do to become an Associate is click this LINK and submit your name and email address. It is free and easy!

Ready to up your game and become a Member? For the 2023 year we are adding a full Member level which is available for $20/year. Membership is for the calendar year and is $20 regardless of when you sign up during the year. Interested? Darn right, you are. Here is the full explanation and fine print. Once you have read all of that, you can pay using the PayPal link below.

The Columbia Audubon Society (“CAS”) exists for the purposes of supporting wildlife conservation with an emphasis on birds and habitat suitable for birds. CAS is a member led organization and depends on members to uphold and share our values within the community.

Individuals may affiliate with CAS by becoming an Associate or Member.

Associate Benefits

  • Inclusion in communications

  • Invitation to meetings and educational presentations

  • Invitation to outings (field trips, service projects, etc)

  • Other privileges that may be added with approval from the CAS Board

Member Benefits (all of the Associate benefits plus)

  • A vote on any issues requiring a vote of the CAS members

  • Priority sign-up for outings (field trips, service projects, etc) when space is limited

  • Access to Wannamaker Nature Preserve

  • The ability to be an officer and/or board member of CAS

  • Other privileges that may be added with approval from the CAS Board

Full Memberships can be renewed annually (all memberships expire on December 31 of each year and can be subsequently renewed for the next calendar year). To become a Full Member during the calendar year requires full payment of annual dues.

Should you choose to allow your Membership to lapse, you will automatically be retained as an Associate until you request your name be removed or the CAS Board performs a purge of the membership roll. You may reinstate your Member status by remitting the annual dues.

Associate and Membership may be revoked by a simple majority vote of the CAS Board with cause, as determined at the discretion of the CAS Board. Any event or meeting may be designated as a "Member Only Event".

Affiliation with CAS as an Associate or Member does not automatically enroll you as a member of Audubon South Carolina or the National Audubon Society nor does it entitle you to any benefits of those organizations (magazine subscription, etc).

We are so not-good with technology, so we leave it up to the people at PayPal to handle it for us. Click HERE to go to our Membership payment page. If you prefer to mail a check, our address is Columbia Audubon Society, PO Box 5923, Columbia, SC 29250-5923. Please include your email address if you decide to send us a check.

And don't forget to sign up for our email list by clicking HERE.

Feeling Extra Generous?

Support Columbia Audubon with a donation! We spend money on fun stuff like Wannamaker Nature Preserve and bird boxes, but we also need money to pay for boring stuff like insurance and our little old PO Box. You can pay via check and snail mail to:

Columbia Audubon Society, PO Box 5923, Columbia, SC 29250-5923

Or if you are a Millennial and don't know what a checkbook is, you can donate using PayPal or a credit card. The link for that is HERE.