Columbia Audubon Society

Summer Break Is Over!

 Our 2023-2024 season kickoff is September 16 @ Saluda Shoals at the River Center.

A birdwatching walk will begin at 9am and will be followed by a meeting at 11am. We will talk about things we have done and things we want to do. If you have ideas of things you want to do with Columbia Audubon or things you want Columbia Audubon leadership to tackle, bring those thoughts to the meeting! The meeting will last an hour, maybe an hour and a half. And CAS leaders will be on hand afterward to chit chat about what is on your mind. 

Admission to the meeting is FREE! We might try to sell you a t-shirt, but they are pretty cool, so we think you'll want one. 

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Injured Bird?

Have you found an injured bird or a young bird you suspect has been abandoned? We recommend you first consult with the Advice page on Carolina Wildlife Center's website.