Columbia Audubon Society

Join us January 11 for our next chapter meeting

This will also be our official Annual Meeting. We will talk about some new business and also hear about some historical birdwatching experiences in the Midlands! If you are interested, keep an eye on your email for meeting details. If you aren't already on our emailing list, sign up HERE.

What did you miss at our Saturday, October 8 IN-PERSON meeting?

We gathered at the Chestnut Hill Plantation (near Harbison State Forest) to birdwatch, socialize and talk about the future of Columbia Audubon. We had a great group! Great birdwatching and great conversation about CAS.

After a very productive birdwalk along the river bottom trails within at Chestnut Hill , we talked about the future of CAS, membership, and Wannamaker Nature Preserve. We will be sending an email to everyone on our email contact list (we call these people "MEMBERS"!) with details about some of the proposed changes.

WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK! Please tell us what you think about our vision for CAS. Seriously. We want our activities and priorities to reflect the priorities of our members. Click HERE to see our latest newsletter.

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Our bird list for the day is posted below. Not a bad day!

Who says you need fancy technology to keep a bird list? A $0.50 cent piece of posterboard and a Sharpie marker works just fine, thank you very much!

I know there were a few birds today that were "LIFERS" for some of our birdwatching group. Black-throated blue warbler was one of them...and maybe a magnolia warbler? Maybe others? Congratulations to those folks! You have achieved a new level of Bird-Nerd-dom.

We got a great view of the Bald Eagle when it buzzed past the window during our indoor meeting.

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Injured Bird?

Have you found an injured bird or a young bird you suspect has been abandoned? We recommend you first consult with the Advice page on Carolina Wildlife Center's website.