Columbia Audubon Society

It's time to gear up for Spring!

The transition to spring is always funky in the SC Midlands. There are usually hints of spring that are followed by a freeze (or two!). These false starts make it hard to get the timing right for cleaning out bird boxes and getting spring feeders up. You'll never hit it just right, but it is always better to be early than late. 

It is heartbreaking to see the year's first hummingbird buzzing around the empty spot that was his (the boys get here first!) feeder last year. That guy has just completed his migration and is starving! You can scramble to get up that feeder, but you'll never know if that first hummingbird waited for you or moved on.

So stay ahead of the game and get those feeders up! And if you haven't already cleaned out your nesting boxes, now is the time. The Carolina wrens are already building nests and others will be soon to follow. 

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Injured Bird?

Have you found an injured bird or a young bird you suspect has been abandoned? We recommend you first consult with the Advice page on Carolina Wildlife Center's website.