The exact structure of the championship playoffs will be determined in 2018 when we know the size of the field. There will be online qualifying matches and events. A final tournament or series of tournaments will be held to narrow the field down to just two players. It is our intention that the final online events will be monitored to ensure that no one is accused of getting help from a bot or another player. In other words, while the student will be playing online, it will be in the presence of a trusted representative.

The most important side affect of this program is that we hope to see hundreds, and possibly some day thousands of school children playing backgammon on a regular basis, and with help and encouragement from Federations all over the world, free teaching videos and instruction from Mochy, Phil Simborg, Bill Robertie and others, we expect many of these players to become fine, dedicated, long-term tournament players.

Backgammonis a wonderful game for children as it helps them learn and understand math and probability, but it also prepares them for life in many other ways. Backgammon builds character in teaching children how to deal with good and bad luck, winning and losing and uncertainty. Backgammon also provides and opportunity to meet and compete with other children and adults all over the world.