International Collegiate Backgammon

Mochy and Phil have been running camps and lessons and programs for school kids in their own countries (Japan and US) for years and decided that there is no reason why the rest of the world can't do the same. So they created the International Collegiate Backgammon Championships to provide a place were students under 26 can compete for scholarships and prizes.

Through the generosity of many in the backgammon community, over $10,000 in scholarship funds and dozens of prizes including books, software, lessons and backgammon supplies have been donated to support the program.

Safe Harbor Games and BackgammonAce have donated the use of their sites and apps to host 16 qualifying events which will ultimately produce two finalists who will compete in a live finals at a major tournament, all expenses paid.

In addition to the 16 major qualifying events there will be special team and country competitions and coaching and videos produce by Mochy and Phil and the certified teachers of

Every major backgammon federation has pledged to cooperate and participate and it is our hope that this will be an on-going program sponsored and supported and run by the federations. Mochy and Phil have pledged their leadership and support for years to come.

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