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Real Problems: Welcome to the Think Tank!

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CMPP students lead The jenkins Center for Public Policy,

A nonpartisan research and educational think tank dedicated to advancing the common good for all Michigan residents by analyzing sound solutions to local, state, national, and global issues and public policy problems. Services provided by the center include:

PSA videos


Research and policy analysis

Policy briefs

Courses of Study (10th grade):

Introduction to Public Policy:

Real world, project based study of local, state and national government, analyzed through through the lens of the latest policy related issues for the City of Ann Arbor, the state of Michigan and the USA.

Public Policy and the Media:

Enhance your ability to read and understand information from a variety of sources. Develop critical thinking, policy analysis, fiscal and budget analysis skills required for leadership in the non-profit world. Earn US Government credit as you explore current issues related to the public sector.