The Magnet

Experiences, not courses

Skyline CMPP is the magnet for students who want to change the world. CMPP empowers you with skills that strengthen your talents, and enables you to choose real projects and clients that you care about. Tackle real problems in "The Think Tank" in 10th grade, produce real projects in "The Digital Studio" in 11th grade, and work with real clients in "The Media Group" in 12th grade. Are you ready to join the CMPP experience and change the world?

CMPP prepares students for careers in

-Non-profit Organizations

-Multimedia Production

-Communication & Digital Marketing



-Investigative Reporting

-Environmental Protection

-Public Relations

-Public Health

-Research & Policy Analysis

-Business Entrepreneurship

-Social Media & Web Design

-Video Production

Real Problems: The Think Tank (10th grade)

Real Projects: The Digital Studio (11th grade)

Real Clients: The Media Group (12th grade)