An Interdepartmental Laboratory on Climate Change @ Politecnico di Milano

NEWS from Climate-Lab:

IDROSTELVIO project explained

Perito Moreno forever !!!!

Online the new paper of Climate-Lab, studying the most iconic glacier ever, the Perito (Francisco) Moreno !!!

Francesca Casale and Stefano Caserini from Climate-Lab report on results from COP26

10th December 2021: the Renzo Rosso day @ Politecnico di Milano !

December 6th 2021: Available on HESSD, our last paper in fulfillment of GERIKO Mera project:

"A comparison of hydrological models with different level of complexity in Alpine regions in the context of climate change"

December 2021. Very important scientists of the C-Lab speak of the impacts of climate change

December 4th 2021- Published the new paper from Climate-Lab, and the Poli-High group, tackling the topic of critical water management in the Alps under climate change scenarios of the IPCC AR6 !

November 30th 2021-Just published our last paper presenting Poli-Glide, a model to predict snow gliding, and avalanche triggering

Where are we ?

Politecnico di Milano.

L. da Vinci 32, 20133, Milano

Building 4a – DICA Dept. Section. Water Science and Technology SIA

Hub, servers e data storage

Building 15 – Dept. ABC

Building 20 – Dept. DEIB

Building 21 – Dept. DICA. Section Environment and Sanitary Engineering

Outdoor/Lab devices