Jews Around the World

Extensive collection of articles about Jews around the globe.

There are numerous foods that often are categorized as “Jewish,” and all originate from the various customs that have emerged from different places over time.

These narratives often consist of a moral or ethical lesson that uses existing traditions and law to justify their importance. Traditionally, they have been passed through generation orally, but in contemporary Jewish life, can be shared in a variety of medium; word, book, video, song, play and more.

Collections of images and information about synagogues, Jewish food, and more around the world.

The World Jewish Congress is the international organization that represents Jewish communities and organizations in 100 countries around the world. It advocates on their behalf towards governments, parliaments, international organizations and other faiths. The WJC represents the plurality of the Jewish people, and is politically non-partisan.

Jewish life around the world collection.

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