New Teacher Training Series

The Cincinnati Jewish Educators Council is proud to present our 2019/2020 New Teacher Training Series!! This is an invaluable opportunity to learn from experienced educators in the community.

All those teaching in a supplementary religious school program for three years or less should attend.

Teachers will be compensated for attending. Please contact your education director for more information.

Questions about the sessions? Contact Leslee Lisnek, Jewish Education Coordinator, at

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Aug 18th- Opening Teacher Professional Development

CJEC is bringing together ALL the religious schools in the Greater Cincinnati area to bring all of our amazing teachers together for half a day of learning together and beginning the year in a big way.

New Teachers will have an opportunity to come together for the first session in "How to Be Ready for Day 1". In this session we will discuss the key things to a successful Day 1 ( and beyond!)

Learn how to write detailed lessons that will empower you to teach well. Explore how to engage your students from the start of your class to its finish!

Dinner included.

Adath Israel Congregation (3201 E. Galbraith Rd)

Celebrity education and leadership coach Sarah Singer-Nourie is back with BRAND NEW CONTENT TO demonstrate how active learning, experiential education, and movement in the classroom increase student engagement and allow for more critical thinking. In this session you will learn many practical techniques that will get your students "doing" in order to learn. Experience what it means to really engage your students in a fun, effective way!

Dinner included.

Adath Israel Congregation (3201 E. Galbraith Rd)

Learn from practiced teachers what they have found to work best in their classrooms!

Dinner included.

Rockdale Temple. (8501 Ridge Rd)

Community Shaliach Amnon Maggid brings us new, intriguing approaches to teaching about Israel, and infusing more Israel into your teaching and classroom!

Dinner included.

Mayerson JCC. (8485 Ridge Rd)

Student Support Specialist Dani Reiss will share easy-to-implement strategies for addressing:

  • student engagement
  • classroom management
  • universal design

Dinner included.

Rockdale Temple. (8501 Ridge Ave)