American Judaism

The AJA's educational mission is to give access and expose learners to primary source documents relating to the entirety of the American Jewish experience from its earliest manifestations to the present day.

A history timeline of Jews in the United States.

A history timeline of Jews in America.

A Portrait of Jewish Americans report published in 2013.

Article "Judaism Across America," by Gerald Sorin.

Curated articles about American Jewish women's topics.

Online catalog and essential readings book list available.

Video lecture, Renewing American Judaism: Experimentation and Creativity in a Changing Landscape.

Links to review of book, The New Amer­i­can Judaism: How Jews Prac­tice Their Reli­gion Today by Jack Wertheimer.

Links to article, Jewish Women's Rich American History by Jonathan Kirsch.

Rich American Jewish history articles available.

Usually more Orthodox in perspective; check that content aligns with what you're trying to teach!

Quality, women-produced articles.

Latest Jewish news from the United States.

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