CI Coaching with Connie

Since 2012, Connie has observed, evaluated, and coached hundreds of World Language teachers who teach with Comprehensible Input.

In addition to working with teachers, Connie trains principals, assistant principals, deans, and other school leaders on accurate scoring of teacher observations and evaluations.

Connie loves to share resources and ideas with anyone looking to go from good to great. Whether you're a Rookie, a Varsity teacher or an All-Star, CI Coaching With Connie has something for you!

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The Comprehensible Input model

Research about language acquisition & the brain

How to plan for the day, the week, the unit

Connie created these "how to" guides to help you build your CI skills and strategies

Rubrics, strategies, videos, guides to hold your students accountable for active listening.

photos of word walls supports in CI classrooms

Slides and other documents to download and use in your CI classroom

2 min interviews w CI Teachers

videos of CI lessons

download the spiral resource materials

contact to inquire about this

Quick access to

  • LEAP Framework for Effective Teaching
  • The WL Appendix to LEAP
  • LEAP Fairness Guide
  • Student Perception Survey Questions
  • Slide Deck with Gestures

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