why acquire a new language?

Joint National Committee for Languages and National Council for Languages & International Studies

is the advocacy and policy organization that brings legislative priorities to law makers in our nation's capital.

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For commerce, diplomacy, and national security

95% of our customers live outside our boarders

75% of the world's 7 billion people do not speak English

90% of Americans are left out of the global conversation

CCFLT letter and position statement coding and languages (1).pdf

Computer languages are not world languages

...yet some states are starting to allow computer languages to fulfill the language requirements for graduation.

Read and share this open letter to the Governor of Colorado and the CCFLT policy statement regarding computer science and world languages, and our separate, distinct academic standards for student achievement (Written by Connie Navarro)

World Languages and Cultures Month.pdf

Proclamation on Languages

As President of Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers (CCFLT), Connie actualized this important piece of advocacy signed by the Governor of Colorado.

Copy of CNavarro DPS WL teal day key note 2018

keynote slides about importance of languages

a presentation by Connie Navarro

infographic about the economic impact of languages on Colorado

created by Connie Navarro as part of World Language Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC

access the PDF here