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Talking With Tech Podcast

Podcast featuring discussions and interviews about augmentative/alternative communication.

Co-host, 2017 - Present

LAMP:WFL on an iPad

Learning Language With AugmenTative & Alternative Communication InitIative

Training and coaching initiative to help educators effectively implement AAC to students with complex communication needs. 

LCPS Project Lead, 2018 - Present

Digital floor plan of a classroom

Flexible Learning Spaces TaskForce

Taskforce on designing equitable, sustainable learning environments which meet the needs of each learner. 

LCPS Co-chair, 2019 - Present

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Robots for Everyone project

Implementing robots to teach communication, collaboration, and critical thinking to autistic learners in collaboration with Computer Science staff.

LCPS Project Lead, 2020 - Present

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accessibility For All: Designing Materials For Every Learner

Short course for the International Society for Technology in Education on creating accessible materials. 

Author, 2022

Robots for Autism Grant Team

Team working to implement robots to teach communication, collaboration, and critical thinking to autistic learners

Member, 2019 - 2020

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Google Chrome AIM-VA Video & ExtensionS Project

Video tutorials and extension reviews 

Designer, Director, Writer, Producer, and Project Lead, 2019

Center on Inclusive Technology & Education Systems 


2019 - Present

National Center on Accessible Educational Materials


K-12 Subcommittee Chairperson 2018 - Present


The A.T.TIPSCAST: Assistive Technology Tools In Public Schools

Multi-award winning podcast and blog

Creator, Author, Host, and Producer,  2008 - Present

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District-wide Twitterchat 

Co-moderator and Facilitator, 2016 - 2018

Title Slide of the Open Source Strategy A Day Calendar

Crowd-Sourced, Open Sourced Strategy-A-Day Calendar

Repository of slides for educational agencies to kick start their own creation of a Strategy-A-Day Calendar

Creator, Content Contributor, LCPS Strategy-A-Day Calendar Project Lead, 2007 - Present

Amazon Echo

Voice Recognition Pilot Program

Amazon Echo used in a middle school resource classroom to support personalized academic goals

LCPS Project Lead, 2016 - 2017

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Social Bookmarking Group Curation

LCPS Specialized Instructional Facilitators of Assistive Technology uses Diigo, a social bookmarking tool, to curate resources as a form of professional development

LCPS Project Lead, 2012 - 2018

LCPS Gesture-based Learning Pilot Program

X-Box 360 with Avatar Kinect used in autism programs to promote acquisition of academic and communication goals

LCPS Project Lead, 2013 - 2014


Piktochart Version -

Interactive Google Sheet - 

Continuum of Language Expression

Systematic tool for educators to use to assess language development

LCPS Project Lead, 2016 - Present

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YouTube Channel Management

Creation of online videos used for professional development

LCPS Project Lead, 2015 - Present

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Night Light Stories

Podcast featuring original fiction for children 

Creator, Author, Producer, and Host, 2009 to Present

AT Tonight Volume 2 DVD Cover

LCPS Multimedia Professional Development Workshops

Multimedia professional development workshops created and made accessible using a different technologies such as DVDs, podcasts on CDs, and online courses

Creator, Designer, Director, Writer, Producer, and LCPS Project Lead, 2005 - 2018

Google Forms results that reads Can Google Forms be used to collect and analyze data? with results that read Yes - 6 responses, Heck Yes! 5 responses, Of Course! 6 Responses, Why Wouldn't You? 5 Responses

Digital Data Collection Teams

Two schools formed teams in an attempt to use Google Forms to transition from paper-based to digital data collection and analysis

Creator, Team Facilitator, and LCPS Project Lead 2015 - 2016

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IEP Software Video Tutorial Library

Creation of online library of customized video tutorials for each aspect of Individualized Education Program software system

Videographer, Writer, and LCPS Project Lead, 2007