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Quotes from Past Participants

Chris presenting

"Great presenter. He gave me many resources to continue our own investigation of tools and techniques to improve collaboration and direct service to our students."

Chris holding a Closed Captioning sign from his TEDx talk

"Super Fun Way To Do PD!"

Chris with a workshop participant who showing of their homemade AT for Life tattoos made with a black sharpie

"Well worth my time!"

"I enjoyed this fast-paced presentation, and was inspired to expand my use of Twitter for PD."

Chris wearing a hat and scarf of local sports team taking selfie with participants

"Loved this! Best session yet!!!"

"Great format for a presentation, too!"

"I always love a presenter who USES and MODELS what they are teaching! This session was excellent and provided great resources!"

Chris presenting

"Great workshop! I would highly recommend it to my peers."

Chris presenting

"Am looking forward to many more opportunities to participate in workshops with these speakers!!"

Chris presenting in front of people

"Awesome! Outstanding!"

Chris presenting in front of a screen that reads "And Then There Is This Solution..." On the screen is a meme of Luke Skywalker from the Empire Strikes Back clinging to a tower screaming Noooooooo! It's Not Possible!" The text on the screen reads 10. Use Mass Feature Matching to move AAC from Tier 3 only to become a Tier 1 tool by adopting a Specific Language System First approach and then customizing per individual from there.

"Our team found the information you provided to be very inspiring and engaging."

Chris on stage talking to audience

"Even though I'm a seasoned AT Specialist, this professional learning still provided many ideas and strategies that can easily be integrated into what is happening in our district."

Chris presenting

"Laughing and learning...perfect combo."

"Engaging. Kept my attention. Very informative."

"The only session that I attended in which movement, and speaking to others was incorporated. I absolutely loved it!"

Chris presenting in front of a group of people with a slide in the background that says AT & Accommodations

"As usual, Chris Bugaj did not disappoint! Thank you for the engaging and empowering session!"

Chris selfie in front of a room of professionals

"Loved the interaction as we learned new things! Kept it interesting and moving along. Enjoyed it and learned great things to use."

"One of the Best Presenters! Loved his topics and great, useful information!"

Chris presenting in front of people with Arizona AT Consideration document on screen behind him on the screen

"One of the best presentations I've ever been to. It was engaging and helped me find resources for students within my district. The presenter was very intelligent on the subject. He used humor, cleverness, and passion to engage the audience."

Chris presenting in front of group of people

"Very engaging presenter, and he appeared very knowledgeable and passionate concerning the topic; provided instant resources."

"Great presentation...I learned about several new tools to share with our teachers."

Chris pointing to his back wearing a blue T-shirt that reads AT Superhero

"Loved the info!!! Can't wait to get home to delve into it all! "

Chris presenting with wife

"My favorite session! These speakers know how to present. I will be thinking about their presentation long after ATIA ends! They should work with other presenters to help them address adult learners."

Chris presenting

"The content was spot on! Not only did you provide evidence-based practices and research to support them, you provided creative ideas, rich resources and many effective strategies for implementation. You also encouraged the participants to continue to discuss these ideas with others in their schools/programs..."

Chris presenting in front of a group of people

"Very engaging presenter with information relevant to our needs!"

"Enjoyable, positive, kept me engaged, and I'm leaving excited and ready to empower my students and coworkers!"

"Energetic, engaging, audience participation, great content."