Environment club

This club aims to create awareness, study problems, analyse data and find possible solutions pertaining to various environmental issues. This gives members a chance to formulate plans, gather resources, and execute these solutions in various areas suffering from these problems. These plans would be carried out with collaboration with CHIREC International School. The club is only open to students of this school.

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Rishikul School

This school for the underpriveledged pursues the dream of establishing itself as a modern institution with the vibrancy of a cosmopolitan city school and meet the special needs of the city of Laxmangarh and needs your help for it ! They are looking forward to charitable support to help bolster their school's infrastructure. You can send in a cheque, send money to their bank account, or contact them and see how you can help !

For more info, please visit Rishikul School

Arohan Foundation

A brainchild of two school-going friends, this foundation aims to educate India's underprivileged. Students can volunteer to teach various subjects to students of government schools and learn several valuable lessons in the process. The Arohan Foundation also conducts money drives and have raised a good sum of money for buying notebooks, textbooks and other school requirements for the underpriveledged.

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The Dropped Stich

Initiated by a young passionate student, The Dropped Stich steadlily moves towards their goal of the Akshaya Patra Drive. Although small, the founder believes this initiative can do wonders, and spread the beautiful art forms of knitting and crochet to anyone who wants to learn about them. With a strong conviction, goal and resolve, she believes this project can create a big differnece.

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CHIREC coding club

This club, open to students of CHIREC international, aims to spread the valuable skill of coding to young enthusiasts, while also giving them valuable experience through industry visits, guest lectures etc. This club was initiated by 3 skilled and experienced coders, who love to program and teach. The courses offered are Java, C++ and HTML/CSS.

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The Vistaar Foundation

This Foundation, began by two students of CHIREC international, is rapidly growing due to its vigorous activeness and extensive contacts. They help the underprivileged stand out in an English-dominated world, conduct public-speaking contests, and get donors. They look to expand to more ways of helping them soon, with enough support and money !

For more info, please visit The Vistaar Foundation


Artography is a programme founded by Varsha Beeravola, a budding artist who has been evermore inspired by art and aims at using art as an unique diverse platform to not only develop her skillful passion but also help the society by selling her art.

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