Our Aim

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”

These are the values we wish to live by. Hence, we were inspired to begin this website, with the aim of working to help spread awareness about projects, organizations or even a simple idea of a person aspiring to bring a positive change in the world and support them to our fullest with the services we provide.

A word from the creators

We would like to make it clear that to be a part of this, you need not have an established organization, product etc. It can be a club you always wanted to make, a product you always want to share, an initiative you've thought of, or just something you've always wished to do. The aim of this project is to support, and promote these ideas, not to sponsor, or endorse them. So if you have anything in mind, please feel free to contact us (details below). We also highly encourage you to apply and take part in these projects as per your interest as they are great opportunities to build various skills while supporting a good cause.

Meet the Creators

Rohit Kota

Rohit Kota is a 11th grader in the IB diploma programme in CHIREC International School. He is a passionate individual who can't stop blabbering about anime and laughing at the most random things. He loves playing basketball and is a hardcore Warriors fan. Rohit is a proficient coder in several languages and is hoping to launch a mobile app in the Google Play Store soon ! He also earned 1st dan black belt in Karate at the age of 12 , and is adept at using the nunchaku. Rohit enjoys MUNning and has been part of the Executive Board as well. He also works with organizations aimed at improving the Indian literacy rate such as ILP and Arohan Foundation and through them has gained experience in teaching and content development.

Avirath Tibrewala

Avirath Tibrewala is a high functioning sociopath and student currently in the 11th grade(though he doesn’t look like it) in CHIREC International pursuing the IBDP program. He is an avid MUNner and is fascinated by artificial intelligence and machine learning. He dreams of becoming the CEO of Apple. Avirath is a professional coder and also loves playing football, his favorite team being FC Barcelona(don’t disagree with him on that one). Till date, Avirath has a record of losing 45 bets at a stretch and owes a fortune to friends and family. He loves photography and animals, working with the WWF to raise awareness against animal cruelty. He also is very fond of TV shows, especially Sherlock and Arrow.


How to use this website

If you click on the projects button on the top, and scroll down, you will see a list of projects and brief descriptions about them. In the description, you will see a link, which will direct you to their page. You can also access their page through the drop-down menu in Projects.

Once you enter a project page, you will see information, pictures, videos, and contact details related to that organization. This will aid you in your decision to apply to the right project. Next, when you have decided, please click on the Applications link on the top. Here, you will see a list of application forms which you must fill in order to and officially become part of the organization. Click on the link, fill the form, and submit ! It's a simple process ! The Vistaar Foundation is the biggest project on our website yet.

Contact details:

Rohit Kota

E-mail: | Phone number: 9491663810

Avirath Tibrewala

E-mail: | Phone number: 7997993780

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