CHIREC Coding Club

About the club

The CHIREC Coding Club is a platform for students to develop their programming skills and enhance their problem-solving abilities. The members are trained by 3 experienced coders, and gain experience in the real field of coding through competitions and industry visits.

The CHIREC Coding Club focuses primarily on Java, C++, and HTML. Club activities include industry visits, guest lectures, hands-on experience via computing olympiads and algorithm analysis to provide members a more enriching and educating experience. The club hosts the Chirec Coding Olympiad every year - an opportunity for young coders to prove themselves. The founders themselves have been a part of several competitions, internships,etc and are passionate about coding.

Rohit Kota

Co-founder and Treasurer (JAVA)

Anirudh Thimmaraju

Founder and President (C++)

Anay Kedia

Co-founder and Web-Master (HTML)