How we got started

We started off by being volunteers of Youth for Seva, a larger organization which has a wide outreach. Soon we realized that they weren’t doing all the work, and orphanages were still denied resources they were promised. So we took an initiative to help the orphans ourselves, and we founded this organization which has been slowly expanding.

Vistaar is an organisation to help provide academic related and public speaking courses to governement school children living in orphanages who may be financially challenged, conduct competitions for orphanages,help provide financial aid to the orphanages by connecting them to desired donors. We give free tuitions to underprivileged children, give them spoken English coaching to help them communicate, conduct camps and public speaking programs.


Here’s the gist: we teach orphans, and give them a better shot at life. Cause let’s be honest, they don’t have an equal chance compared to you and me. You’d have to teach them, help them, and get donors for them! Become a part of us and help make the world a better place!


We teach them from their own textbooks, help them speak English to communicate in this english-dominated world, conduct public speaking contests, and get donors. This is very basic, but we look to expand to more ways of helping them soon, with enough support and money!

Contact Details

Saarang Prabhuram

Email: | Phone number: 8179540477

Nikhil Ram

Email: | Phone number: 9182006093

Prachi Panda | Phone number: 7893282323