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Founded in 1984, Chino Community Theatre is a non-profit organization formed to broaden cultural opportunities within and for the community, with an emphasis on the theatrical setting, and to offer the community an opportunity to experience quality theatre productions.

#1 Community Theatre in the Nation • AACTFest 2009

REGION 8 AACTFest REPRESENTATIVE 1993, 1999, 2009, 2011 and 2019

Inland Valley's Best Live Theatre

2015, 2016 and 2017 

Inland Valley's Best Live Entertainment 


Chino Champion Readers' Choice Award Best Live Theatre



Benjamin, a young boy, surprisingly finds himself in heaven. He discovers a friend in Timothy, but the rest of his time is filled with challenge and strife. If only he could talk with his mother, or find his beloved box, then all might be well. But what about his father, who disappeared all those years ago? This holiday treat, with book and music by Pam and Howard Wilson, will tug at your heartstrings with songs like "Mama, It's Me" and "You Gotta Have Faith". It's a delight for the whole family.

To tell you part of the plot of Five-Door Farce would mislead you. To tell you more than that would reveal too much.  When pressed about the play, I've said the following: It's a tragedy inside a parody of a farce.  It's the collision of Noises Off and Six Characters in Search of Author.  It's a farce, seriously.  Exploring the themes of creation and Creation, gender roles, identity, religion, theater, determinism, and existentialism, it plays with the conventions of farce in a way that fans of farce will love and enemies of farce will appreciate.  Oh, and it’s funny. - Robert Merrill, playwright


Tom Davis • Chris Diehl • Denise Gumaer • Paul Larson • Linda Reich

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Gracie Arvizu • Jeff Deards Jr.• Chris Diehl • Sej Gangula •P aul Larson • Toni Lynd 

Julie Mort • Debbi Ming • Doug Rumbaugh

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