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by Daryl Mendelson and Frank Minano

directed by Toni Lynd

We’re opening our 39th season with the world premiere of a brand-new play!  Written by Daryl Mendelson and his longtime friend (and IVRT founder) Frank Minano, The Jewtalian is an endearing and rib-tickling journey of a best friendship started in childhood and lasting a lifetime. From two very different cultural backgrounds, young boys Finn and Frank meet, grow up together and share an artistic dream, with loving support from their amusing Jewish and Italian families.  In today’s complicated world, The Jewtalian is a funny and heartwarming reminder that an enduring friendship can weather any storm. 

January 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28, February 3 & 4 @ 8 pm

January 15, 22 & 29 @ 2:30 pm

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Please join with playwright Begoña Echeverria and director Annika Speer for this evening's screening and talkback. Chino Community Theatre was proud to host the premiere of this powerful production in May of 2019.


GERNIKA special event   

Friday, February 10 at 7:00 pm • Seventh Street Theatre

Screening of the Staged reading at UN Headquarters NYC             June 20, 2022

Donations gratefully accepted at the door • Open Seating 


Kelly Clements: Deputy High Commissioner of the UN High Commission for Refugees

Today’s evocative staged reading of “Picasso Presents Gernika” is a lyrical and poignant depiction of the unconscionable cost of war, often borne by innocent children and civilians.  Through the resuscitated voice of Picasso himself, today’s reading is an opportunity to revive one of the 20th century’s most iconic protests against the inhumanity of war, the oil painting of Guernica. We must do more to address the root causes that force people to flee their homes. We must do more to resolve conflicts and end persecution. We must do more to support the low and middle income countries who host the vast majority of refugees and are supported in this by humanitarian actors in the spirit of the global compact on refugees.


Richard Towle: Deputy Director of the UN High Commission for Refugees, New York

This was utterly outstanding and I think it resonates with so many things we see in our daily work. 

A very, very powerful theme was the trauma when families are ripped apart, sometimes inter-generationally. Families don’t go back and pick up lives that have been destroyed. This place and the rooms around the United Nations often don’t bring the reality and the drama of the conflicts in war that we’ve heard in this play this afternoon. I think it does remind us, servants at the United Nations, of the importance of bringing these stories to this place. That they are heard and learned from.

introducing our 39th season • 2023

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Meetings regarding the City of Chino Downtown Civic Center Master Plan are happening now! Here are two Arts related interactions from the November 30 session. These are 10 to 30 year plans, but sharing your input now is important. For more on the City of Chino Downtown Civic Center Master Plan, please visit: .

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