Marshal for the day/Marshal In Training: Master Ravasz Janos

Mistress Luckie Glasbrenner will be the supervising Warranted Marshal In Charge for the day.

9:00-10:00- Authorizations and Inspections

11:00-12:00- Sword Style 'Dance Card' Tourney (First Half)

This tourney is a free-flowing point accruing style competition. The idea is that we will have a 'dance card' of at least 5-10 different styles of sword and defensive/offensive secondaries (like sword and dagger, sword and buckler, two handed sword, etc.). Each style won will count as a point but fighters must complete the 'dance card' of styles before they can repeat any one style for point. Once a 'card' is completed, the fighters may do another 'card' of fighting to accrue more points. If you don't win your fight in a style, that style may be repeated until you win for the point. Example: Fighter A ‘dances’ with Fighter B with sword and dagger. Fighter A wins and reports it to list-table for point. Fighter B then can go 'dance' with Fighter C with sword and dagger for a potential point. Fighter A moves onto another style. Fighters must approach each other for fights because the list-table will be only recording points and not pairing the fights. Fighters may fight as little or as many times as they can throughout the time of the tourney and may drop in or out whenever they like. At the end of the tourney time, points will be added up and the person who has won the most won "dances" will receive the tourney prize. The hope is to have everyone have fun and get as many or as little fighting as they want with multiple different styles and partners.

12:00-12:30- Lunch Break

12:30- 1:30- Sword Style 'Dance Card' Tourney (Second Half)

see above description

2:00-4:00- Meet the Huscarls Tourney

In this event any non-Hirth can challenge any Hirth to fight. After each fight they both should take time for a short discussion about the fight, technique, style, etc., and hopefully some praise as well. Scheduled from 2-4pm on the Stile list field, or until all are too exhausted to continue. GOA level or higher fighters from any foreign lands to are invited to stand with the Calon Hirth to meet and teach.

Pick-up fighting will be allowed in-between tourneys as time, space, and marshals allow.

Cut and thrust melee experiment will be allowed on the same conditions if there is interest Cut & Thrust will be held in the Main Gym.

There will be water, etc. available, but no official waterbearers. Showers are available in the locker rooms.

Armored Combat:

Marshal In Charge: Sir Duncan Fearmac

9:15 – 10:00- Inspections and Authorizations.

9:45– List closes for Queen’s Guard Tournament.

10:00 – 11:15- Queen’s Guard Tournament

Strike a blow for freedom, then strike one for the land

When a fyrdman strikes a blow, there's iron in his hand

And now you will put down your plow and now your spearhead hone

For when a fyrdman strikes a blow he never stands alone.

Fyrdmen with no higher award only

List legal weapons (6 foot or less) only. Round robin format, 3-5 man teams. (Depending on number of entrants) In each round, each person in the winning team gets a point. Each round the teams will be shuffled randomly. As many rounds as we can fit into 1 hour. The 3 Iren Fyrd with the top points will make up the Queen’s Guard on the Battlefield!

10:45– List closes for Chieftain’s Tournament

11:15 – 2:30- Chieftain’s Tournament

A grazing mace, how sweet the blow

That killed a wretch like me.

I once was up but now I'm down.

A grazing mace killed me.

Single Handed Mass Weapons and 26” Round shield only.

Double Elimination format.

Rules for mass weapons will be strictly enforced, please weigh your weapons, and check your balance points.

2:40- 4:00- Two Handed Weapons Bear Pit Tournament

For I am a warrior of the King's Huscarls

A deep biting axe in my hand.

And as long as God grants me breath in my body

I'll fight to defend the King's land.

If the Chieftains tournament ends early, this will start 15 minutes after.

List legal weapons (6 foot or less) Two Handed Weapons only.

(No Backup weapons allowed. No switching to a single sword if you lose an arm.)

Bear pit format: Check in with the list field before you fight, and report to the list who killed you when you die. The person with the most kills wins.

Youth Combat:

Marshal In Charge: Sir Mathieu Chartraine

10:00- Inspections

10:15 - 11:00- Youth Tournament