Arts and Sciences Competitions

Bardic Competition:

Calontir Song Leading

4:00 in the Populace Room

The goal of the competition is to get the crowd singing. Pick a favorite Calontir camp fire song, and facilitate the merriment of all by encouraging audience participation and revelry.

- We suggest being prepared to lead three different songs so that you don't end up repeating one another competitor chose. Be sure you know all the verses!

- The order will be picked at random.

- Brownie points for participating in your competitors songs graciously!

- You will be judged by your ability to work the crowd, and lead confidently.

A & S Competition:

Revelry In Any Medium

Create something that facilitates fun!

A mug? Sure! What else would we drink our ale from?

A cloak? Sure! How else would we stay warm around the bardic fire?

A food? Sure! Eating food is super fun!

Be creative, be period, be merry.

Index card documentation is acceptable (materials, period, a reference or two).

More is encouraged (your process, explanations of period use, a bibliography, etc.).

Judging will occur at 2:30. Please be there to answer questions and get some feedback!