11:00am - Contrafacta

Taught by: Lady Melanie de la Tour

Lady Melanie de la Tour will discuss the history and impact of contrafacta/filks, and gives some tips on how to write them. Active participation is encouraged.

12:30pm - The Battles Behind The Songs

Taught by: Her Ladyship Ailith Bystoune

Her Ladyship Ailith will discuss the historical events some of our most beloved songs are based on.

1:30pm - Sweetening the Spirits: Cordial Making and Tasting

Taught by: His Lordship Oswyn of BaĆ°on

*Must be 21 or older as we will be tasting alcohol.

Learn the basics of cordial making from our friend from the Midrealm. His Lordship Oswyn will discuss different bases and sugars and techniques for making delicious drinkables as you taste the comparisons.

3:00pm - Story Time With Uncle Ferd

Taught by: His Excellency Fernando DeFalcon

Grab your lunch, and gather round as His Excellency Fernando regales you with stories from our SCA past. Hear word fame of Calontir camaraderie and chivalry from one who has lived it.