VHF DSC Radio Course

VHF DSC Radio Course

This course starts by looking at the practical operation of a standard Marine VHF, Channel usage, Distress/Urgency/Safety and routine voice procedures.

It then goes on to look at the GMDSS scheme including the practical use of DSC equipment.

On successful completion you will be awarded a licence allowing you to legally operate a VHF/DSC radio.

Unlike many schools who use computer simulators, we use real VHF Radios for training.

It is illegal to operate a VHF radio without a licence.

We offer these courses in collaboration with the SARA RYA TC at Beachley and are arranged subject to demand. If you wish to take this important course please ask and we can put you in touch with SARA


VHF Radio – Short Range Certificate Syllabus

A. Distress situations

1. Define a distress situation.

2. Initiate a DSC Distress Alert, with position and time input manually or automatically.

3. Send a Mayday call and message by voice.

4. Respond appropriately to a DSC Distress Alert and to a Mayday call and message,

including relay of a distress message.

5. Know how to deploy an EPIRB and a SART.

B. Urgency Situations

1. Define an urgency situation.

2. Initiate a DSC urgency alert.

3. Send a Pan Pan call and message by voice.

4. Respond appropriately to an urgency message.

C. Safety Situations

1. Identify a situation in which a safety message is appropriate.

2. Input a DSC safety alert.

3. Send a safety message by voice.

4. Receive Maritime Safety Information by NAVTEX.

D. Routine Communication

1. Initiate a DCS routine alert.

2. Establish communication and exchange messages with other stations by voice on

appropriate channels.

3. Test the radio telephone by means of an appropriate test call.

4. Initiate a DSC self test.

5. Enter a DSC group and Individual MMSI.

6. Maintain an appropriate listening watch on DSC and voice channels.

7. Use the International Phonetic Alphabet.

Practical Assessment and Written test (multiple choice)

To discuss any aspect of the scheme contact Roger – 07968 495124 rpnasey@btinternet.com

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