Access to St Pierre Pill

The main reason why our moorings at St Pierre remain so utterly unspoiled is their seclusion.

There are several footpaths leading to the Pill so we do get walkers passing by.

However, the only vehicle access is restricted to club members and is via a locked gate to which members have a key.

Vehicle access from Mathern village.

Drive to the very end of the village, passing under the motorway bridge.

Carry on past St Tewdrics Church, through a double gateway and onto the farm track.

The track is signposted as being private but we have permission to use it.

Follow the farm track all the way through the farm yard, then turn right and follow the track along the top edge of the field as far as the bridge over the railway.

The track has been updated to provide all-weather, permanent, vehicle access as far as the railway bridge.

Here you will find the locked gate.

From there follow the vehicle tracks, past the red barn to the Pill.

The access by vehicle is a privilege allowed us by landowners, it is not a right.

This track goes through a working farm, so please give way to any farm vehicles and leave all gates as you find them, whether open or closed.

Mathern Village

The South Wales Coast Path

You can take the official South Wales Coast Path form Mathern village to the Pill.

Just before the St Tewdrics Church take the lane running down the northern side of the graveyard.

The footpath then takes you easterly, across some fields, St Pierre Golf Course, the railway and to the west side of St Pierre Pill.

From St Pierre Golf Club

This path can also be accessed from the road behind the St Pierre Golf Club.

The footpath is a public right of way but the lane to the start of the footpath is through the Golf Club grounds is not, so again it is a privilege that is subject to certain conditions.

From Black Rock.

The same South Wales Coast Path can be reached by car from Black Rock Picnic Site.

From Portskewett take the Black Rock Road to the picnic site.

Park your car and then take the footpath north along the edge of the Estuary to the St Pierre Pill.

St Pierre Pill

These tracks and paths can get a little muddy at times, but this is a small price to pay for the tranquility and solitude that the Pill mooring offers.

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