Day Skipper Theory Course at SARA

The Course is;

Monday and Wednesday each week, 3 hours per session at 6.30 pm for a total of 6 weeks.

Commencing Monday 7th January and concluding Wednesday 13 February.

Cost £250 non members £220 members.

This includes the student pack £40, but students will need to bring a plotter and dividers, pencils (HB AND BB) and eraser.

Club Burgee

New in, a quantity of Rot Proof Burgees for your pride and joy!

£10 each, available from Russell Kilby at the December meeting!

Club Meeting

As the Club will be hosting a guest speaker this Wednesday

Dan Houston, Classic Sailor editor, would be delighted to give a talk about Classic Sailor

As James is away in France he has asked me to chair the meeting! I propose to rapid fire through the club business in order to give Dan Houston the floor!

Feel free to donate a plate of sandwiches and nibbles for the "interval" to share with Griff Rhys Jones and Dan Houston.....note, sorry Griff cannot make Wednesday! Do make the effort to come along and make the evening a success!

Darrell Holland

Sailing Instructor Roger on “Tokoloshi” took Ingrid and David through some practical sailing in the Pill.

Bringing the yacht alongside the Pontoon plus spring off!

Detailed explanation and visual evidence of Prop Walk etc.

Tea and biscuits provided during and after the session!

Tom and his boys with David boarded a sailable yacht "Tokoloshi" and a very pleasant sail and motor to the Boat Inn.

Helmed in turn by Harry and Tim, who proved to be capable of holding a course at 9 years old.

They did good!

I think they must have eaten their own weight in snacks during the trip!

On arrival a rib type vessel had just been launched by a LWB but then he had us all going round in circles whilst he loaded gear for his trip up to Tintern!

After 10 minutes we made it clear that he would help all the 5 waiting boats if he hung off the inside of the pontoon to load up!

It eventually clicked and we all rafted up on to the LWB so we could get the thirsty crews ashore for refreshments!

All returned safely to the Pill with no encounters with who could have loikly caused mischief!

All agreed " We must do it again"!

Darrell Holland

Trip to boat inn

Darrell Holland 26 May

Great sail today with Tom and Roger weather not as bad as forecasted!

Bluebell and Lorna enjoyed the sailing.

Many thanks to everyone who turned up on Saturday and Sunday for the Annual Chain Inspection.

Saturday’s work went extremely well, thanks to your sterling efforts, just the two back chains and a couple of short problem areas were left to be inspected on Sunday.

Thanks to those members who arrived early on Sunday most of the two back chains were inspected.

Unfortunately, there are still a few small areas that we were unable to lift, these will need buoying with extra barrels to loosen them from the mud, then inspected later, preferably at low tide.

Thanks to James we did get some new barrels on Saturday but they were roped up and have already been deployed.

So, more new barrels are still needed, if anyone can get hold of any and bring them to the Pill they will be gratefully received.

Waders Flock to the Pill

But not the feathered variety.

Well done to everyone who heaved, shoved, paddled and made tea.

We now have the pontoon extension in place ready for the season.

Many thanks to everyone who turned out today and worked so hard to tidy up and move the pontoon.

It was a very enjoyable day

James Boyce to CDYC

Dear Members,

A big thank you to all the members (16) who attended the AGM last night.

Here is a list of Officers so you know who to contact

Commodore James

Vice Commodore TBA

Rear Commodore Darrell

Secretary Martin

Treasurer Russell

Membership Secretary Darrell

Harbour Master Mike

Assistant Harbourmaster Mac

Training Officers Roger and Charles

Web Master Mike

Sailing/Events Secretary Gordon

We awarded the Trophies last night to the following

Ferry Bell Mac

Dewhurst Trophy Darrell

Dalynwen Trophy Hugh

Charston Rock Trophy Mike

Needham Cup Pete

McNaught Trophy Martin

Nul Trophy Rhys

Commodores Trophy Russell

Congratulations to all.

Many thanks to Gordon for retrieving the trophies and preparing the list, also to Hugh for getting them engraved.

A reminder that the meeting on 7th February will start at 7.30pm. I am hoping to circulate the Minutes before the meeting so we only have to deal with Matters Arising.

This will be followed by a talk from Pete Muskett from the RYA about ‘Club Development’

Many thanks again


AGM 2018