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All club events and meetings have been either Cancelled or Postponed until further notice due to coronavirus.

If you are interested in joining our friendly, relaxed, hands-on Club, close to the Bristol Channel, come to one of our Monthly Meetings.

We usually start with club business but once that is over there is always plenty of time to chat.

Our monthly club meetings are held at the Mathern Athletic Club on the first Wednesday of each month starting at 20:00 hrs.

Or you can write to us via the contact form.

We do operate a waiting list for anyone willing to wait for a mooring coming free.

Entry on to the list will be subject to the vessel’s owner becoming a Club Member (fee £28) and the compatibility of the vessel with the available mooring (Monohulls under 30ft LOA ).

Membership applications will only be considered/approved at one of the Club Meetings.

At this present time almost all of the available moorings in St Pierre Pill are either occupied or booked, however moorings do become free from time to time.

CDYC Application for membership (pdf)

CDYC Handbook (pdf)

Club Rules (pdf)

St Pierre Pill

Membership & Mooring Fees

The annual fees for all this, are currently:

Adult Membership £28

Junior Membership (under 16) £12

Family Membership (2 adults plus under 16s) £34

Moorings Standing charge of £25 plus £2 per foot LOA (monohulls).

There is an extra annual charge of £100 per annum levied on any moorings holder who does not complete at least 10 hours on work parties or other club duties.

We organise the occasional work party whenever there are maintenance or improvement jobs to be done and all members are encouraged to join in, if they can.

The most important of these work parties is the annual checking of all the mooring chains; this is normally done in the spring, weather permitting.

Far from being a chore these work parties are usually great fun, especially when the commodore accidentally falls into the water (or was he pushed?).

However, members are responsible for their own risers and are expected to do their share of keeping and improving the club property.

These are among the cheapest mooring fees to be found anywhere in the Bristol Channel area.

Our annual fees are, at present, less than the monthly cost of keeping your boat in the average marina.

There is no extra charge for the beauty and seclusion of the surroundings.

CDYC Work hours log sheet. (pdf)

Chepstow and District Yacht Club