Envision Conservatory

Apply! Applications for 2024-25 are due March 29, 2024

What is the Conservatory Program?

The Envision Conservatory is open to CCA students in grades 10-12 who are interested in pursuing a degree or career in their chosen arts field, or are just extremely passionate about their art. While this is a three level program, students may apply or re-apply in grades 11 and 12 as well.

Program Requirements

How to Apply

General Conservatory Application (all Students)

Personal Statement prompts -please supply google drive links to share responses to the following two prompts : 

Share a google drive link to a personal statement you write that includes 1) your personal qualities that will enable you to be a positive contributor to the Envision program, and 2) describe an experience that reflects your passion for the arts

Share a google drive link or URL to a piece of media that shares something about yourself that you want us to know. You may use drawings, photos, video or audio, or prose-just be sure to send the link to a standard file formatted piece. This is NOT your portfolio or audition-just something that tells us a little bit about you. It can even be a different media than the Conservatory for which you are applying.

Humanities specific guidelines, 


Dance specific guidelines:

Wednesday May 8th - Intermediate & Advanced Placement / Conservatory Auditions 

Tuesday May 14th - Senior Thesis Auditions 

EVA (Envision Visual Arts) procedure