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Dance Class overviews

Introduction to Dance, Level 1:

This course is designed for all dance levels, and especially helpful for beginners, those who have not danced for a while, or those who need to brush up on basic to intermediate skills. Students gain an overview of the world of dance which includes the fundamentals and terminology of ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop as well as a solid foundation of understanding in body alignment, placement and articulation. The importance of maintaining good health and physical well being as it pertains to the art of dance will be discussed. Students will view and critique taped performances from each genre to better delineate the characteristics of each.  Focus of movement is on quality and accuracy of movement, rather than difficulty or speed.  

**This is the only course where students can obtain their health credit.**All dancers, no matter what level, are REQUIRED to take Introduction to Dance I unless they have attended the placement audition and been given approval to skip this level.**

Introduction to Dance, Level II:

Introduction to Dance II is designed for dancers who will benefit from a second semester of the basics of technique before progressing onto our Intermediate Dance Level. Students continue their exploration of the world of dance, including the fundamentals of ballet, jazz, modern, and some hip hop. Dancers also continue to develop knowledge and skills about body alignment and injury prevention.

Intermediate Dance, Level III:

This course is designed for dancers who have mastered the basic technical aspects of dance,  Students continue their

exploration  of dance techniques including ballet, jazz,modern, and hip hop, and are also challenged on the elements of body alignment, placement and articulation. The discussions of maintaining good health and physical well being as it pertains to the art of dance are continued.  Dancers in Intermediate explore movement quality and accuracy.  The element of sequencing becomes more important with the ultimate goal of preparing students for a more advanced dance course.**A placement audition or instructor approval is required for enrollment in Intermediate Dance**

Advanced Dance, Level IV:

This course is designed to continue an in depth, intensive study of ballet, modern and jazz dance.  Dancers at this level have a solid understanding of the three dance genres, both cognitively and physically. The focus at this level is on execution at a high level of accuracy and further exploration of choreography, movement invention, and continued artistic integrity. Mastery of performance and technical elements is expected.  Dancers continue to explore the history of dance as well as current trends.

**A placement audition or instructor approval is required for enrollment in Advanced Dance**

Dance Lab/Choreography:

Through this course, students explore, create, evaluate, and criticize dance as an art form. In historical and cultural contexts, students develop skills that include kinesthetic awareness, theories of choreography, dance technique, and multi-sensory integration. Using the dance elements of time, space, and energy, they create and communicate meaning through dance improvisation, composition, and performance. Students analyze, compare and contrast their work, evaluate their work, and critique their development as an artist. **This course is by audition only, with auditions happening in May.  More information can be found under the "Dance Lab" tab.**

Dance Conservatory:

The Dance Conservatory is an audition-based, after-school extension of the daytime Envision program, offering smaller class sizes and more individualized instruction for the most advanced dance students.  The Dance Conservatory aims to foster excellence in dance and the development of original thought and creativity, as well as encourage socially aware artists. Students in the Dance Conservatory will create new works that explore issues and common themes.  They are encouraged to become thinking dancers. 

**Auditions are held twice per year, and the application can be found under the Conservatory tab above**