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Our team have been dealing with development of bio-medical-applicable-tools based on bio-materials started in 2010. Recent our research target is related with functional human harmonized bio material and device technology aim for prevention/diagnosis/treatment. We have various major of principle investigator including material engineering, mechanical engineering, biological engineering and electrical engineering.

Please contact the researchers who are suitable for your major for applying Student or Postdoctoral researcher in our team.


선발된 학생들은, 연구에 전념 할 수 있게 높은 월급을 부여합니다. 학생들에게 요구하는 것은, 기본적인 학업 능력과, 포괄적인 연구테마 수행능력, 성실한 태도입니다. 학생 선발은, 아래 명시된바와 같이 세가지 방법으로 수용가능합니다. 궁금한점은 각 PI 들에게 언제든지 연락주세요.

1. 각 대학교에서 파견을 통한 연수생

2. KU-KIST 융합대학원 및 KIST와 조인트 되어있는 학교에 지원하는 학연생

3. UST 대학원의 학생

Dr. Seok, Hyun-Kwang (석현광)

Director, Research Planning & Coordination Division

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Research Area : Biodegradable Metal

Dr. Kim, Yu-Chan (김유찬)

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Material Science Engineering

Research Area :Biodegradable Metal

Dr. Jeon, Hojeong (전호정)

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Mechanical Engineering

Research Area : Material-Cell Interface, Control of Cell Functions, Laser Surface Modification, Direct Laser Patterning

Dr. Ok, Myoung-Ryul (옥명렬)

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Material Science

Research Area : Reactive oxygen species, Materials transport in tissues, 3D tissue fabrication, Lab-on-a-chip, Mg microneedle

Dr. Han, Hyung-Seop (한형섭)

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Medical Science

Research Area: Immunohistochemistry, Biodegradable Metals, Translational Medicine, Finite Element Analysis

Dr. Lee, Hyojin (이효진)

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Biological Engineering

Research Area: Inorganic nanomaterials, Biosensors, Drug delivery

Dr. Lee, Wonryung (이원령)

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Electrical Engineering

Research Area: Flexible Bio-medical device, Implantable electronic device.