Peer-Reviewed Publications

“Social interactions in health behaviors and conditions,” Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance, Oxford University Press, 2019, with A. Balsa.

“Self-control and peer groups: An empirical analysis,” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 134: 240-254, 2017, with M. Battaglini and E. Patacchini.

working papers

“Leaders in juvenile crime,” Centre for Economic Policy Research, DP13120, 2018, with E. Patacchini, T. Verdier and Y. Zenou.

research in Progress

Perceptions of commuting costs (with J. Yinger).

Parental involvement, peer effects and youth crime (with E. Patacchini).

Breaking the code: Can a new penal procedure affect public safety? (with R. Titiunik).

Do brighter street lights reduce crime?: The case of Binghamton, NY (with L. Etcheverry).