2018/19 Courses

Mathematical Economics @ Catholic University of Uruguay (Economics, Undergraduate)

Industrial Organization @ Catholic University of Uruguay (Economics, Undergraduate)

Quantitative Methods and Causal Inference @ Catholic University of Uruguay (Political Science, Graduate)

Crime Workshop @ Catholic University of Uruguay (Public Policy, Graduate)


Methods of Mathematical Economics @ Universidad ORT Uruguay

Academic Year 2017: Syllabuses for Part I and Part II.

This is a sequence of two courses (part I and II) aiming to provide undergraduate students with some basic mathematical tools that are key to understand and develop economic models. During the first part of the sequence, we focus on static optimization problems, covering matrix algebra, differential calculus, optimization problems and nonlinear programming. In part II, we put the spotlight on dynamic optimization problems, covering differential equations, difference equations, calculus of variations, optimal control theory and dynamic programming.

Economic Ideas & Issues @ Syracuse University

Summers 2014, 2015 and 2016: Syllabus

The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to the foundations of economic theory. The first half of the course covers the principles of microeconomics: how a market functions and how families and firms make choices. The second half covers the principles of macroeconomics: how an economy functions as a whole and the potential and the limits of economic policy. In the end, the student should gain a fundamental understanding of how the world in which we live operates from an economic perspective.