Papers and publications

Current working papers

Data sharing or analytics sharing? (with Bruno Carballa-Smichowski, Yassine Lefouili, Andrea Mantovani), NET Institute Working Paper 23-08. New version coming soon.

The price effects of banning Price Parity Clauses in the EU: Evidence from international hotel groups (with Peiyao Ma, Andrea Mantovani, Annette Broocks and Néstor Duch-Brown), Department of Economics Discussion Paper 1043, University of Oxford. 

Strategic management of social information (with Manuel Mueller-Frank, Mallesh Pai, Alejandro Saporiti and Lois Simanjuntak). R&R.

Data-driven market leadership and price coordination (with Yiquan Gu and Leonardo Madio). Seminar presentation (early version). R&R.  

Strategic data sales with partial segment profiling (with Flavio Delbono and Luca Sandrini), JRC Digital Economy Working Paper 2021-05. R&R.


Workers' firm in mixed duopoly (with Flavio Delbono and Diego Lanzi), Economic Modelling, 2023.

Data brokers co-opetition (with Yiquan Gu and Leonardo Madio), Oxford Economic Papers, 2022. Full pre-print version - Seminar presentation.

Online platform price parity clauses: Evidence from the EU case (with Andrea Mantovani and Claudio Piga), European Economic Review, 2021.

Non-localised spatial competition: the "Spokes Model", in "Spatial Economics Volume I: Theory", Palgrave, edited by Stefano Colombo, 2020.

A single espresso, please! Rationalizing espresso price dispersion across Italian cities (with Flavio Delbono, Gemma Dipoppa and Luca Lambertini), Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, 2018.  

Municipal solid waste: market competition and the EU policy (with Francesco Silvestri), Environmental and Resource Economics, 2017.

Cartels punishment and distortive effects of fines (with Andrea Mantovani and Emilie Dargaud), Journal of Competition Law and Economics, 2016.

Net neutrality and innovation at the core and at the edge (with Tommaso Valletti), International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2016.

On the price effects of horizontal mergers: a theoretical interpretation (with Emilie Dargaud), Bulletin of Economic Research, 2015. 

Elasticity of demand and behaviour-based price discrimination (with Rosa Branca Esteves), International Journal of Industrial Organization, 2014. 

Spatial price discrimination in the spokes model, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 2014.

Religious attitudes and home bias: theory and new evidence from primary data (with Martin Leroch, Gianpaolo Rossini and Eugenio Zucchelli), Review of Development Economics, 2014. 

Cooperative firms and the crisis: evidence from some Italian mixed oligopolies (with Flavio Delbono), Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 2013.    

Size (of the product) matters, Journal of Economics and Business, 2011.

Village pubs as a social propellant in rural areas: an econometric study (with Ignazio Cabras), Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 2010.