Manuel Mueller-Frank

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
IESE Business School, University of Navarra

Email: mmuellerfrank(at)

Phone: +34 932 534 200

A copy of my CV can be found here.

Ph.D. in Economics, Northwestern University 2010.

Research Interests:

Microeconomic Theory, Economics of Information, Social Networks.

"A General Framework for Rational Learning in Social Networks", Theoretical Economics, January 2013, 8(1), 1-40.
"Does one Bayesian Make a Difference?", Journal of Economic Theory, November 2014, 423-452.
"Social Learning with Costly Search", American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, February 2016, 83-109, joint with Mallesh Pai.
"Inferring Beliefs from Actions", December 2016, Games and Economic Behavior, March 2017, 455-461, joint with Itai Arieli.

Working Papers:
"Truthful Continuous Implementation", joint with Yi-Chun Chen and Mallesh Pai, April 2017.
"Quasi-Bayesian Updating in Social Networks", joint with Claudia Neri, March 2017, submitted.
"Informational versus allocational efficiency of prices", February 2017, submitted.
"Local Openness: Characterization of a Robustness Concept for Generic Sets in Functions Spaces", December 2016, revision requested by Journal of Mathematical Economics.

"Multi-Dimensional Social Learning", joint with Itai Arieli, December 2016, 3rd revision requested by Review of Economic Studies.
"A Characterization of Adequate Learning for General Sequential Social Learning Models", (previously circulated under "Social Learning and the Vanishing Value of Private Information"), joint with Itai Arieli, August 2016, 2nd revision requested by Journal of Economic Theory.
"Belief Elicitation in Portfolio Optimization", joint with Itai Arieli, March 2016.
"Do Online Social Networks Increase Welfare", joint with Mallesh Pai, October 2014, new version coming soon.

Work in progress:
"Social Structure and the Wisdom of Crowds", joint with Itai Arieli.