Manuel Mueller-Frank

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
IESE Business School, University of Navarra

Email: mmuellerfrank(at)

Phone: +34 932 534 200

A copy of my CV can be found here.

Ph.D. in Economics, Northwestern University 2010.

Research Interests:

Microeconomic Theory, Economics of Information, Social Networks.

"A General Framework for Rational Learning in Social Networks", Theoretical Economics, January 2013, 8(1), 1-40.
"Does one Bayesian Make a Difference?", Journal of Economic Theory, November 2014, 423-452.
"Social Learning with Costly Search", American Economic Journal: Microeconomics, February 2016, 83-109, joint with Mallesh Pai.
"Inferring Beliefs from Actions", December 2016, accepted at Games and Economic Behavior, joint with Itai Arieli,

Working Papers:
"Price Efficiency and Welfare", January 2016, new version coming soon.
"Do Online Social Networks Increase Welfare", joint with Mallesh Pai, October 2014, new version coming soon.

Work in progress:
"Quasi-Bayesian Updating in Social Networks: Theory and Evidence", joint with Claudia Neri.
"Truthful Continuous Implementation", joint with Yi-Chun Chen and Mallesh Pai.
"Social Structure and the Wisdom of Crowds", joint with Itai Arieli.