Weaving Colour


Conceived & Created in a Spiritual Retreat up in the Mountains of New Mexico.

Designed Hand Woven Apparel , Accessories & Home Decor`~for comfort, versatility and beauty; benefiting from Healing Colour Vibrations

Limited Editions & Designer Signature

Commission works ~ inquire

Haute` Originals

Beauty, Style & Versatility

Handwoven Fiber Apparel

Double Infinities & Cowls

complemented with

Brochettes designed in mind of style & garment.

Designer Handbags


~ Styles ~ *Clutch * Zipper *Flap

also available

Matching Apparel Selections

*all handwovens limited editions

Home Decor`

Table Runners

Versitle / Reversable

Woven Walls

Custom - made to order

Fiber Art

left - Table Runner

right - Woven Walls

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